Singles 12

Singles 12"

During the 1970's and l980's with the emergence in popularity of "night-club" dj's and "mobile" dj's there emerged the 12" single.  Usually this format is pressed at 45rpm, with one or two songs per record but with multiple mixes of the song.  One album may have one song with a dj-mix, nightclub mix, radio mix, etc., all the same song, just different versions with different beats, etc.  At The Record Man we have tens of thousands of 12" singles.

45-rpm singles 7"

These evolved at the same time as the LP.  In l948 RCA developed the 7" single to compete with Columbia's LP.  It found instant acceptance for use on radio stations, jukeboxes and individual consumers just wanting the "song."  45's were issued in both generic sleeves and picture sleeves.  Most record dealers as well as collectors value the picture sleeves on their own separate from the disc.  At the Record Man we currently have almost 250,000 -   45-rpm singles and EP's. 


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